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Connector for water butt

My water butt has a 22mm hole in the side, just below the cover, into which fits a threaded plastic connector which produdes from the butt.   It's secured by a Hozelock-type tap connector and hosepipe allowing suprplus water to be diverted onto the garden.

The thread has gone on the 22mm connector (it was never really secure owing to the weight of other connectors, and was always pulling off). Ideally a metal one would be much better, but I cannot find a replacement. The fitting on the left is the one I'm looking for.

Any help appreciated.  





  • Yes it certainly looks like one of those would do the job.  It wouldn't matter if it had a  thread on both ends just as long as it fitted inside the hole, and the other end screwed into the tap connector.  If I could find a retain outlet, I could try it first.  Thank you very much. image

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