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Help ..... weed invasion!

Hi all,  Help is majorly required!  My new house has really bad areas of thick Bishop Weed / Ground Elder in the garden.  I am teasing out as many of the roots etc that I can be I cannot remove it all from the inside of plants like hostas etc.  Any ideas - will be much appreciated!! Thanks


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    eat it, it makes a lovely parsley substitute!

    alternately glyphosate where you can and weed where you cant

  • Ground elder you need to keep on top of. Spray what you can safely with glyphosphate, dig up what you can and get every piece of root possible. Take the sol out and shake it through a fine riddle to make sure you get it all. The bits that are tangled round your hostas will have to wait until you lift and seperate them.

  • HippynessHippyness Posts: 21

    Thanks - my help gratefully received!!  Looks like a busy weekend ahead ..... image

  • HippynessHippyness Posts: 21

    Sorry predictive again - any help gratefully received - tee hee!

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