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Hobby Greenhouse gets too hot


I just had a simple question but I'd like to beat my husband to the answer. We bought a great greenhouse from but we may have faced it the wrong direction. It can get super hot. We have some automatic vent openers that work but it is in direct sun. We haven't tried fans yet but i just wondered if there was a sustainable option to get some air flow.  Thanks from the gardenlady!


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    I have solar-panel powered fans in my greenhouse, but given the resources used to make the panels, I can't really call them sustainable.  My long-term solution was to grow a dwarf apple tree directly to the south and keep it it to an open shape by summer pruning.  That way, the greenhouse gets maximum light when it is needed most (from late autumn to spring) when there are no leaves on the tree and some shade in the summer which the leaves provide.  Bonus apples, too! image

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