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Talkback: Choose the right mower - cutting types

Need a lawn mower that is very light to push as my

husband is elderly and finds the one we have hard to push. We have 2 small lawns - front and back-.

Thank you

mary payne


  • hutchmanhutchman Posts: 39

    Hello Mary,

    If I can offer advice, suggest you consider the following :-

    If the lawns are smallish, flat and easy to get to with electric power, go for either a Hover (Flymo) with or without collection, suggest 12"/30cm.

    These are easy to push as on cushion of air. Alternatively, go for a small lightweight plastic mower with large wheels - again with or without collection Bag/Box.

    If power supply a problem or unhappy with cable, look at cordless/battery operated options. 

    Lastly look for a very lightweight hand mower, there are good Swedish models which are very easy to push especially on flat surface and give a good finish.

    Happy mowing !



  • Collecting the grass would be more easily done by the mower than by hand.

    Are the Swedish ones Husqvarna brand, hutchman?

  • hutchmanhutchman Posts: 39

    Yes, that is one brand, there are others that are as good.

    Checkout online - Amazon or  B&Q have models to view

    Suggest to look for as large drive side wheels as possible and collection bag on rear so you can cut right upto lawn edges.




  • Hi Mary,

    I would recommend an Einhell Rotary Mower, as I bought one for my mum who is in her seventies. She loves it as it is light and easy to push with great results. I bought her a 30 cm model Einhell BG-EM 1030, it was called (I did a lot of research!). They have slighter bigger models too. I bought mine on Amazon.
  • hellow,i always like a hover mover thats for me the best,it cuts your grass perfect low and what u cut is a compost for your grass,if u never have work once with one u dont now what service u recieve of it ,streangs that not match poeple by a hover mover,have a nice day aplus Pierre from the limousin
  • Mrs JDoMrs JDo Posts: 1

    Mary, why not look at a lightweight self propelled petrol mower like the Hayter Spirit Autodrive, then you don't have to push at all and aren't restricted by a cord?  


  • Any member used the Fiskar Momentum Mower ?

    Just about to have a replacment hip op and the petrol mower I use at present needs a lot of hip grease to pull start.

    The Fiskar seems an easy on the limbs type.Might provide balance and help with rehab ?

  • hutchmanhutchman Posts: 39

    Hi Mary and all,

    Whilst some of the lawnmower models suggested may meet some of the criteria that Mary needs advice on, I wonder if there maybe to much choice and also lets not forget the cost !!

    As in all things, simple and easy maybe the best outcome

    If possible find your nearest independent lawnmower sales & service outlet, go visit and discuss. Am sure they will best advise on your needs.


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