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Hi All,

I'd heard alot about 'bug-boxes' so finally got around to buying one. I've an established pond which is tadpole/frog friendly as it;s perimeter with logs and plants around it. I'd heard that bug-boxes help the insect population leading to a healthy, balanced wildlife-friendly area. I put up the bugbox about 3 weeks ago and already a few of the 'tunnels' have been filled with some thing white - i've no idea what it is..a fungus..somekind of cocoon? I just wondered if anyone knew what it might be? Pictured below. Any comments, suggestions or what I might expect to start living in there most welcomed!







  • It'll either be parasitic wasp grubs, which will hatch out and eat Aphids, or solitary bee larvae, which will hatch out and pollinate your plants. You may also get other insects such as ladybirds.

  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286

    That looks interesting! keep an eye on it and see what it is image I built a bug hotel last Autumn, can't wait to see what uses it this year. I should think yours will be well used, with logs in the garden already you'll be off to a good start already.

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