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Planter/climber advice - how to hide messy brickwork?

Hi all,

I have an ugly wall i want to cover with a climber of some description.  It would have to survive in a large trough like planter as there is no flowerbed.  I would be grateful if someone could recommend a plant that doesn't go bare in the winter, and ideally looks nice and maybe flowers at some point?  Will It need a trellis?


Finally, can anyone send me a link of a large planter that would be suitable for the above?  I have had a look online but can't seem to find one.








  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,284
    A pyracantha would look lovely there and you would get white blossom then berries.

    There are quite a few wooden troughs to be had online or maybe you could construct one with scaffolding planks. That way it will be the size you want. Line it with black plastic to protect the wood.

    A pyracantha will need some form of support if it is to grow tall.
  • I have a similar situation and have been looking at planters which come with an integral trellis so that I have the option of moving them away from the wall temporarily if I need access. If you google "trellis planter" you'll find several examples.

  • Sam 6Sam 6 Posts: 17

    Thanks for the responses, does the pyracantha lose its leaves during the winter?

    Verdun - It may seem that way but in real life it looks messy. We had a crap builder and didn't spend enough time working out the imperial brick measurement when picking the metric equivalent so the layes of cement are really thick.


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,284
    Pyracantha is evergreen. We used to have one in a similar situation and it looked beautiful.
  • lupittlupitt Posts: 4

    You don't necessarily have to go with a climber, there are lots of ways to be creative with a wall.  A willow or brushwood screen attached to the wall with a row of nicely planted up pots would look good.  There are loads of ideas on the Pinterest website for creating vertical gardens too. I searched Garden Wall on there, and am now going outside to see if I can't improve the look of our garage!

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