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Talkback: How to repair a lawn patch

very informative re creating and maintaining a good lawn. It seems to be an ongoing battle with my front lawn, which is in shade during the afternoon - however, I will try seed for shady lawns. Also, I have a couple of patches of bare earth left after killing moss, scarifying and sowing seed (lawn looking pretty good) - and I shall try the tip of placing polythene over the grass seed on the remaining patches (which have not germinated). Thanks for the tip.


  • at 1st visit ,could not set up my own reference page.
    where is this info found a link would be usefull.
  • Even though the polythene causes moisture to help the seed germinate, does the area still need some occasional watering?
  • after repairing bare patches on my lawn with seed how long before I can mow lawn?
  • I did this and usd adans tip and covered with polythene. I now have a scorched brown unsightly mess on my laen, where the sun has burn't the grass. Take care with this.
  • Hi it has been very dry of late and my lawn is starting to look and bit dry and les green, could you surgest how i can keep my lawn looking grren besides watering it every day,

  • AnthAnth Posts: 1
    I returfed a lawn last september but know it is very patchy almost in clumps of grass with a lot of burnt looking patches, what should i do is there a desease.
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  • My lawn is in real bad shape, muddy and bare patches from the kids playing football. It's a big lawn about 60 ft long and 15ft wide. How am I going to get this back to a beautiful green lawn.
  • dave5dave5 Posts: 2
    can i lay new turf on top of old turf cheers
  • have been walking on lawn to get to greenhouse when raining and noticed grass well squashed any suggestionsto rectify
  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Forget about grass -go for the long term solution and lay a few paving slabs/stepping stones

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