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Laurel Hedge Leaves yellow/brown at tips

Hi all new here! so hello everyone! I have a quick question if anyone could help.

I am located in Limerick Ireland and sat a bareroot  laurel hedge last year at one side of site it hasn't throve so to speak despite feeding placing, green wind breaker at back ,watering placing grass cutting on it and most recent bark at base and keeping weeded at base. But it has settled and none died so im hoping it will grow this april/may. The site is quite open and bleak subject to winds also.

In October I sat bareroot laurel at opposite side of the site did all of the above care also but in the last three weeks the leaves have changed I will upload pictures. Is it wind burn or something more serious that I would need to spray it - I know older hedge lost leaves when settling in but I don't recall the change being so drastic - the soil is good and I checked the root of failing plant not too wet or dry no sign of fungal issue - should I just leave it and keep watering well when needed.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!


im trying to upload images keep getting error





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