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seedlings popping up yellow?

I've been planting seeds and when they sprout they come up yellow? what's going on here? lack of nutrients?


  • CharlieBotCharlieBot Posts: 208

    Lack of light more likely.

  • johngreenjohngreen Posts: 58

    as soon as they are upright though they turn a nice green

  • They often do. Until the cotyledons open they won't start photosynthesizing. There's quite a bit going on getting roots down to take in water & nutrients while also getting the first leaves out to make sugars all the time optimising the tiny bit of chemical energy that was stored in the seed. Quite a balancing act, one that I hope will never cease to amaze me.  What species?









  • johngreenjohngreen Posts: 58

    okay thanks. it's klondike striped blue watermelon

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