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Warm sunny days

hello fellow gardeners!!!! Hope u r all well and out getting jobs done in the garden making the most of this lovely weather like me!!!! It makes me feel so much brighter when I can spend time in g/h and garden just love it!!!! Have u been doing the same? ????????????


  • Same here Hyacinthimage all the seedlings seem happier too.

    Had a big smile when I went back into the garden before dinner and all the birds were singing their bedtime chorus  wonderful!!!  It's meant to last the week imageimage

  • VrystaatVrystaat Posts: 50

    Lovely weather here in Norfolk. I waste/?? a lot of time watching the birds in my garden, from my kitchen window. The blossom, on my apple tree is about to burst open. I talk to it daily.My favourite season, Spring.Happy season.

  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    I agree, our planet never ceases to amaze from one year to the next.. Currently I have one cheeky magpie who comes and shouts at me til I give him peanuts! No fear at all.. and when my elderly cats come on the garden, he just shouts at them, doesn't fly at all lol!!! I really enjoy this time of year, such hope and such beauty, hope everyone else enjoys it too.

  • Oh yes, I love it when the sun is shinning it gets you exited for the summer and what it will bring! Also the seedlings love it too.

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