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Aeonium Swarzkop

Lynn DLynn D Posts: 32

Can anyone tell me please, when the dormant season is for these plants?


  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    They do not have one per se, they just slow down in low light and temps of winter, esp in our more northern climes.

  • Lynn DLynn D Posts: 32

    Would it be advisable to give a liitle more water now, in April.? I keep it in a conservatory.

  • Lynn DLynn D Posts: 32

    Outside? In Oxfordshire we have had frost for the last two mornings!  The Aeonium I have is about 18" tall, has a single stem, the "crown" is about 6" wide and just under the crown, there are several baby crowns underneath. Will a couple of these be OK to take as cuttings later as they grow bigger?  as I have never had one of these plants before, I want to get it right ...

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