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cleaning bird feeders

I keep hearing that we should use a sterilising/antiseptic wash for seed feeders and bird tables.  Is this correct?   What should I use - are any household products ok to use?  I don 't want to use anything harmful. I've always used hot water with a squirt of washing up liquid (the sort that is kind to my hands!)  and cleaned them regularly.  Thank you, Mags


  • staffsmagsstaffsmags Posts: 230

     Edd,  I wondered about bleach.  Ok, just a few drop to a bowl of hot sudsy water then rinse very well and leave to dry (I always do anyway).  Thanks very much, Mags

  • Hi I use dettol spray after washing in soapy water but I few drops of bleach in the water seems a good idea . I red an article saying one in five Greenfinches are killed by a disease called Trichomoniasis which causes their throats to swell leaving them to starve to death , and one of the reasons maybe caused by dirty bird feeders so It's great to highlight the importance of cleaning our  bird feeders .image 

  • marc weirmarc weir Posts: 124
    Alot of feeders can be unscrewed/taken apart which will reveal all sorts of mouldy bits where the rains got in. I undo the feeders every month and leave soaking in boiling hot water and fairy till its cool
  • staffsmagsstaffsmags Posts: 230

    Haha Mrac, I carelessly used boiling water on a plastic feeder. It went out of shape and couldn't be re-assembled!   Thanks everyone, for your replies.

    YES. everyone, beware of feeders that cannot be taken completely apart for cleaning. 


  • MarkNMarkN Posts: 17

    We've fell for onw that you cannot dissemble. It was a squirrel-proof one (after having two normal birdfeeders torn down and emptied!) - but now grass is growing out of it and we can't get to it to dislodge and clean it. Any recommended squirrel-proof that can be dissembled?


  • Yes, of course. You can use household products to clean feeders. You should use vinegar a common household item, you would save money by purchasing store-bought cleaners.
  • Slow-wormSlow-worm Posts: 1,580
    I just use washing up liquid and a toothbrush. 

    Analim2356 is spot on though, white vinegar is an excellent disinfectant, and much safer than bleach. 
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    analim is a spammer who cuts and pastes - usually on old threads, as seen here  :)
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