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atco admiral 16 with no grass collector :(

Hi there. I've just purchased an Atco Admiral 16 Rotary mower. It was an absolute bargain ... or so I thought. Upon picking it up I was told there was no grass collector for it.... having travelled 100 miles I wasn't going to leave without the mower but now I'm struggling to find a reasonably priced grass catcher for it. Does anyone have any ideas where I could pick up a reasonably priced one or a universal one maybe. Many thanks.


  • flumpy1flumpy1 Posts: 3,114

    Have you tried looking on ebay or try and get the manufactures number or website, sorry I'm just guessing really image

  • I appreciate you answering.. Thankyou. I've tried on ebay and nothing so far. I'veccontacted a few mower places and no joy and have emailed atco through their Facebook page. Hopefully one will turn up. I used the mower last night without a collector and the cut is fantastic. Really pleased with it so really hope i can find a grass bag for it
  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 459

    It might be the case of buying an atco 16 that's been destroyed but the grass collector is still great. Buying things as mundane as the collection box are usually very expensive from dealers. I've got a punch 43 cylinder mower, the previous owner had 'crashed' it. Aside from replacing some gearing and the throttle cable, I also had to replace the grassbox, it was close on 60 quid!!! As it was start of summer, I couldn't wait about for one I could rescue.. but that would be your best bet I'd think, having a quick look at the exploded diagram for that mower, it seems the collection bag at the back is made up of like 6 components, all of which will need purchasing, probably weighing in at a rather large bill at the end!!! Sorry!

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