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Gunnera manicata

pash2pash2 Posts: 95

Hi I have three Gunnera manicata's and planning on moving in the next six months

so would like to know what is best to do.

Dig up one of the smaller Gunnera manicata's now and out it in a pot ready for the move


wait until I move and dig it up then, one of the problems being the size of the leaves and disturbing the roots.  

Thank you


  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Dig it up now in and place in a large trug - easy to keep damp and to move.image. You want to avoid moving it when it is fully awoken and growing.

  • pash2pash2 Posts: 95

    Thank you

  • Hi guys

    I built a raised bed a while back and had intended to plant a palm in it, only to discover concrete under it (this limited depth to 12 inches approx. Soil is always soaking as it's obviously not very free draining and is in partial shade. Would love to plant gunnera here as I have a tropical garden theme but not sure if the depth would be sufficient to promote good growth. Have seen people grow this potted but not in raised beds. Can anyone help here? 

    Thanks in advance



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