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  • My Camellia has done well this year lots of flowers and growth, however, in the last two months it suddenly developed tall shoots with leaves that have red spots on them, I don't think this growth looks healthy, does anyone know what it might be? I had two other plants (not Camellias) in the same area that were attacked by woodlice and died off, could it be the same problem?
  • i have 2 camellias both in tubs they are 3 years old i have put them in the greenhouse overwinter with bubble wrap round the tubs would it be safe to leave them outside now, they havent flowered yet.
  • Having just bought a Camellia I was interested in reading all the information on how best to look after it. Living in Switzerland does make it more interesting but I have noticed that most plants come into flower before the UK so I am putting mine outside just now, in a sheltered spot.
  • Any advice about when and how best to transplant a camillia from a garden (not tub) location to another?
  • I have 2 container grown camillias and they are both in flower since just after christmas. Will they flower again in the spring? I hope this very cold weather will not kill them.
  • hi. please can anyone advise me. We have a large camelia growing in the ground in Suffolk. It's full of white buds all bursting now, but as soon as they begin to open they turn brown. They are appearing to be frosted but we haven't had any!!!Shrub stands about 6feet tall, 5feet wide, healthy leaves, flowers on tightly-what is going on?!
    Thanks Lyn
  • I have had my camelia for 15 years but this year all the leaves fell of always had lovely pink flowers every year it is growing in a large tub - can anyone tell me what is wrong with it and will the leaves grow back. Thanks Meg
  • Can camellia flowers be composted
  • Yes, camellia flowers can be collected and picked off shrubs and composted.
  • My camellia has little (1/2" - 1") green balls all over it. Are these just seed pods, or is it some evil critter I need to dispose of?
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