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There are feeders on the market specifically designed for these fat balls. I have had 2 for several years - 1 takes 2 of the large size fatballs and the other holds 4 of the small ones. I always remove the nets before placing in these holders and they have been a huge success and I have seen a greater spotted woodpecker on them as well as bluetits,great tits, sparrows and starlings


  • Talking about camellias and other plants being out of sync in our changing climate. We experienced a reversal this year. Bow Bells a lovely late December/January started to bloom at the same time as Debbie late January February or even March camelia and Donation which usually follows them all is blooming in tandem with Debbie. I agree such a lovely burst of colour in early spring's sometime grey days. I have a white camellia which blooms much later. I don't know its name but it has white pointed petals. It is in a large stone tub and now that I have moved it into the shade its lovely blooms stay pristine white and do not yellow off. My Kaffir lilies and still blooming too. The tall Mahonia (Charity) has finished earlier and is already forming its gree grape-like berries which when ripe in June or July make the blackbirds so daring that they will swoop down when you are snoozing in the garden to steal them and fight off the starlings who love them too.
  • hi there my camellias buds seem to be dropping off onto the ground and this happened last year too. any suggestions why? it doesn't look frost damaged or unhealthy.
  • I have had a camellia japonica for 4 years in a huge pot, it only flowered the 1st year, i feed it ericaceous food through the summer and top dress with ericaceous compost every year, i feel so sad every spring when the flowers dont show! Help.
  • My Hubby bought me a lovely Camellia Japonica for valentines. I'm scared to plant it as the last one I planted turned brown and died even though I dug a big whole and put ericaceous compost in. Should I keep this one in a tub. It's called silver anniversary. Help.
  • Janey: Watering camellias is SO important as they develop their flower buds at the end of summer and during autumn. Water them well at those particular times. My two camellias are in large terracotta flower pots and also in ericaceous compost. They are kept in a part of the garden which has dappled shade, which is kinder to the blooms when the early morning sun hits them on frosty mornings. Having said that, they always flowered well out in the open on our patio, so I curious to see if they are better this year. I also feed twice yearly with Sequestrine of Iron.
  • Most camellias grow happily in large pots of ericaceous compost, but should do equally well in the garden. Why do buds drop in spring? This is due to water shortage last summer and autumn at the time new flower buds were developing. If compost went dry, or plants were very dry at their roots, then the layer of tissue at the base of new flower buds weakens, and the resulting flowers fall before opening fully. Remember that camellias are lime-hating shrubs, so tap water should be avoided for watering in hard water areas. Collect rainwater in a butt, and use this instead. Got a new camellia? If you have a shaded position and can develop an 'acid bed' by planting into ericaceous compost then fine. Do keep well watered all year. There's nothing wrong with growing camellias in pots, but you must:
    * plant in a large pot of at least 35cm across
    * use ericaceous compost
    * water using rainwater
    * keep pots in a cooler shaded site and NOT in full sun
    * feed annually with an acid/ericaceous plant food, such as Miracid or one containg iton sequestrene I hope these tips help.
  • I have five camellias in my garden about three years old and have flowered every year. This year there is not one flower bud on any of the plants, other wise they look healthy. My neighbours camellia has many flower buds.
  • I have a large camellia bush in my garden it flowers every year, but as it gets bigger the flowers get smaller.Should I prune it? If so When and how.
  • Remedy for sooty mold on camellias please?
  • I have 3 camelias all in separate pots, this year only one has produced just one flower.two of them look quite healthy and hoping for show of flowers next year the other one has many lower leaves they are turning yellow and falling off, the new growth looks quite green and healthy but there have been no signs of any flowers this year. The plant belonged to my mother and flowered fantastic whilst on her balcony of her flat but since I jhave put it on my patio I have not had any flowers can anybody help with what to do for next year.
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