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Masterline Grass Seed

RitchieRitchie Posts: 36
Hi all, does anyone know anything or had experience of Masterline grass seed, I was intrested in 2 of their products the pro 70 and pro 50 both contain ryegrass one 70 and the other 50% as the name suggests. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on either? Looking for a seed that will take moderate traffic with low maintenance but look well when established?


  • RitchieRitchie Posts: 36
    This is the mix in the pro 70

    % Cultivar Species

    25% DOUBLE 4 TURF Tetraploid Ryegrass

    20% BIZET Perennial Ryegrass

    25% PLATINUM Perennial Ryegrass

    30% HERALD Strong creeping red fescue

    And the pro 50 below

    % Cultivar Species

    30% CONRAD Perennial Ryegrass

    20% DICKENS Perennial Ryegrass

    30% ROSSINANTE Strong Creeping Red Fescue

    10% BLENHIEM Chewings Fescue

    10% VALDORA Slender Creeping Red Fescue
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