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mushy peas!

I found a packet of Batchelors dried peas in the back of the cupboard, 1 year past sell by date !  Was about to throw them out, then had an idea. In a small dish I put a folded paper kitchen towel, some of the peas, then another folded towel on top, and wet it.  Only a few days later some of the peas have started to sprout.  Does anyone know if I should plant them outside or in the greenhouse ? I don't know what variety they come from.


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    Hi Thelma image

    Not sure what happened with Edd's post but ...

    re your sprouting peas - foody friends often use dried peas like yours to grow pea shoots and tendrils (as used in fashionable restaurants etc).  They find that they grow well in pots on kitchen windowsills or in a cold greenhouse at this time of year - laster i the year another crop can be sown outside - but I'm told that the indoor ones are the most successful as they get less slug damage and therefore look better on the plate.  They start snipping the tender shoots and tendrils when the plant is about 4" tall and get several repeat croppings before the plant gets older and a bit tougher. 

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  • Done it, tried them mixed into a salad, and they are lovely, just taste like fresh podded peas. I've now got more growing in pieces of guttering in the greenhouse.

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    Hah.. thanks for the update Thelma.  If you time the sowing right, you can have weekly harvests.  image

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  • I know that on paper, and I will try, but I need a new memory, or maybe just any second hand memory.  Before anyone suggests writing it down, I still need a memory to remember to find and read all the bits of notes I have written in the past !!!


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