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Advice with seedlings on window cill.

Jazdean80Jazdean80 Posts: 30

Wanting to be ahead of the game i had sown seeds and popped them on the window cill. the seedlings seem to have been singed and the compost dry. Doesn't seem to help when I water them.

anybody have any ideas? Or have the same problem?


  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Jaz most seeds want light and warmth, some need covering with a propagator lid, cling film or in a plastic bag until they germinate, it usually explains on the packet.

    They don't want to be in direct sunlight, which might have caused the scorch ? on yours.  

    If yours are dry stand them in a tray and let some water soak up from the base.

    What seeds are they?


  • Jazdean80Jazdean80 Posts: 30

    Cheers Kef, they have a propagator on and are in trays. I have quite a few varieties. Nasturtiums (which are ok) marigolds, dwarf dahlias, lobelia, foxgloves and some more I can't remember lol

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