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I am really hoping for some advice for my Star jasmine, which is kept in an unheated conservatory, in good light. It had a great summer last year, flowering well and putting out lots of 'runners' which I hoped would start to wind their way up a trellis. It overwintered in here, which is frost free (no less than 5C). I noticed quite a bit of scale, so treated initially with Provado, and more recently with several applications of horticultural oil. All the scale I can now find appear dead and just flake right off.

As you can see, the plant looks awful and on death's door. Lots of browning leaves, many of which fall off to the touch, and a complete wilted look. The compost is not dry so confident it isn't as simple as that. I assume this isn't normal for this plant at this time of year, prior to new growth? Any help much appreciated.


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    Check the soil for vine weevil grubs

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    Hi image

    I would do what Fleurisa said, it almost looks scorched, how are you watering? Would you consider taking the canes and the ties away, all plants do better if you can let the air circulate, you could then tie it to the trellis as it will have more room and air. The brown leaves wont get better, so pull/ cut em off and bin them. Its a fairly good sized plant, so unless its got something deadly, it should bounce back with a bit of tlc image
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    Thanks guys.I agree with the scorched look .... but it's in bright, not direct sunlight and soil kept moist (on the dry side during winter though). I could certainly take ties/canes out - and will try that. I will also check for vine weevil though replaced the top inch of compost the other day and nothing suspicious seen.

    When you say "how am I watering" - what do you mean? Spraying/can/feeding etc?

    Can't help thinking this may be a gonna though - looks worse today than when I took the photos yesterday!! Ill get rid of the bad bits, keep my fingers crossed and keep an eye on your replies!!

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    I wondered if you had sprayed it and just happened to have an especially bright day? You dont think it could have been the spray you used for scale do you? I hope it pulls through, be patient, sometimes these things get worse before they get better image
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