Italian rye grass seeds

My mum gave me some of the above and in just wondering if anyone has grown it? IM guessing its a tall grass image


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    Rye grass is usually used as part of a hardwearing lawn. Mow regularly to desired height.

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    I don't know about suitable for lawns. I have used it for reseeding a cow paddock, mixed with other grasses. It grows fast and tall but only lasts about 3 years. Farmers use it as a catch crop.

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    Too tough and course for lawns, I think.
  • Sowed it as a lifter with Vicia sativa (sinker and fixer). Nothing! I sowed it too late, the ground was too heavy or the wood mice ate it.

    It's usually for overwintering or agi use. When were you planning to dig it in? 

  • I wasn't, the seeds were given to my mum as part of a kit to plant in a container, was just trying to find out abit of info might not plant then image
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    Strange, not an ornamental grass for a container. You'd do better with something like a pennisetum.

    It. rye grass in pic.


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  • Ah ta, it was part of a kit with a small grass for front and this for back, ill offer it to people then image
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