Saxifraga x arendsii 'Purple Robe'

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I've been growing a little tray of Saxifraga x arendsii 'Purple Robe' indoors. They have germinated as shown on the pic below but i'd like to know when it would be safe to put these in the greenhouse to gain more light. On the seed packet it stated that i should sow indoors at 15-20c but not what to do after germination. I've only started to grow my own plants over the last 6 months.







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    It looks as though your little seedlings are straining to reach the light and this has made them rather tall and leggy, always a problem at this time of year. It is very tempting to sow things as early as possible but a lot of plants will benefit from a later sowing when the light levels are better. It is far too early to put them outside in an unheated greenhouse 24 hours a day and I'd be a bit worried about putting them in the greenhouse during the day unless the weather is warm.
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    Yes i've been abit  eager to get things startedimage. My greenhouse is 10c or higher in the day and as thinking of putting them in there in the day but thought it may be too cold. I'll have to learn to be patient from now on when sowing seeds early.

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    We all get impatient at this time of year! Everyone is itching to get started and even after years of experience most of us give in too early!  Put your seedlings in the brightest, coolest room you can manage and turn them every day to keep them straight. They will gradually toughen up and as (hopefully!) temperatures improve you will be able to move them on.

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    You are right about impatience. Over the years I have lost so many seedlings due to trying to hurry the season along.
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