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Advice needed re planting

Grace74Grace74 Posts: 21


i would be very grateful if anyone could give me suggestions of what I could plant in my garden. I got loads of seeds last year(cut flowers) such as dahlia bishops children, cosmos, recent GW zinnia.

Also got the T&M nerine bowdenii bulb collection yet to plant out. I have some space in the front raised bed but the problem is, I can't reach the centre without clambering into it and I find it difficult. 

So really looking for something which I can leave and not have to go in and out every week


I was thinking of putting out courgettes this year in the back raised bed -just 2-3pland where the sun is good but then stumped for what I'll grow rest of the back bed near cherry blossom tree as its dappled shade

For the front bed, I thot of putting the nerines in the centre (I got some stones delivered last year but placed them like Stonehenge. I will be bringing them closer and stack them to make a higher central raised bed. A bit like a 2 tier cake 

if I plant the dahlia seeds around will they get swamped by the wallflowers on the periphery? I'm unsure as never grown either before. Wallflowers were bareroot planted last year in a




  • Grace74Grace74 Posts: 21




    Oops autumn

    hit the send button too soon????

    Pi also have space to add more pots on the patio but was planning to bring my roses in front which are currently in front of the shed

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated Thanks


  • Grace74Grace74 Posts: 21






     This is what it looked like last year but the roses came out (into pots) as I couldn't see behind them from the patio


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,495

    Your garden looks beautiful, but you may need to scale down your plants! Bishop's Children will easily make 3-4 ft, they are big plants, cosmos can be as tall, unless you have a shorter variety. Check the seed packets. (I can't remember how tall the GW zinnias are.) Two or three courgettes will fill the bed by the cherry tree. You don't need to worry about the wallflowers, as they are normally taken out when they finish flowering, but you will need something low growing to replace them. The nerines would be best in pots or against the shed wall, as they need lots of sunshine and not all are reliably hardy, so need some winter protection. Your plants clearly get lots of love and attention, which means they will grow to a good size, so you will need fewer of them and smaller varieties!

  • Grace74Grace74 Posts: 21

    thank you Verdun  ive only started in the past 10 years since I moved into this house and still so much to learn

    lots of plants are in the wrong place but managing ????

    i don't want something too tall or i can't see behind the front raised bed when I'm sitting on the patio - the grasses are a good idea as I'll be able to see through and also have movement - need to google the agastache I'm not familiar with that

    thanks for the new ideas ????

    have to say the front bed bakes in summer as it gets all the sunshine

    before the recent format I had roses in the middle surrounded by a low evergreen lavender hedge which went woody so had to be removed

    ps- apologies if this posts with "???" As I've tried to avoid any punctuation marks as my iPad keeps adding them when I havent typed them ????I should keep that as my signature as I'm starting to add that ps to all posts now 

  • Grace74Grace74 Posts: 21

    Thanks buttercupdays

    great suggestions 

    I wasn't sure re the nerines but will now put in pots as its cold up North 

    I didn't realise dahlia bishops children grew that big - it's difficult to get a perspective looking at Google images 

    the zinnias are 18" apparently so may be good to go somewhere 

    i I was thinking of moving the lavenders I have to the front raised bed centre and in their place planting the zinnias or dahlia (in front of Lupins - but Lupins will go by mid summer by which time the dahlias will come up) 

    but will now rethink after Verduns suggestions

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