Square foot gardening

Hi all, this is my second year of vegetable gardening. I had a fairly successful first year - so wish to get a 4ft by 4ft or similar small sized raised bed. I will divide it up into equal cells. I was hoping to plant a butternut squash and courgette at the back of it growing up trellis, and then have space for other plants such as carrots, lettuce, plum tomatoes etc. 

The raised bed is not that high around 13cm, is the height important?

Any information or guidance would be much appreciated!




  • ChloChlo Posts: 4

    I've grown pumpkins in a smaller plot in a back yard, although the squash itself didn't get very big (first time growing them) the plant itself thrived, I think it'll be more than just fine to go ahead with it but honestly I don't know enough to say but I hope it helps image

  • Do i need to have a liner? Im assuming carrots, plants roots etc need the depth and might grow deeper than 6"

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