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Where the roots grow


 Dear gardener, the planting of a dragon fruit is similar to planting an apple tree, a plum tree or a shrub.We dug 600 holes (1hectare) 40 cm deep (the roots-length 10-15 cm).We filled the ground with ceramic fragments and Bokashi (look at compost trench/Bokashi).10 Days after we put the cuttings and filled with good, black soil.Later, we gave our organic ' fertilizer "(chicken manure, rice bran, fish powder, rock minerals and bio-charcoal, all ingredients are fermented / activated with EM) in 1 m diameter around the posts -4 crops per post. All coars roots accumulate nutrients and the fine (hair)roots the water. I think so?!  But now all the roots grow to the fertilizer and not in the deep... Would it have been better to put the fertilizer to the bottom of the hole and the Bokashi on the surface? It is not a big problem, the roots are now powerful enough. They will grow sooner or later in the depth. I'm intersted in 1 or 2 opinions about this practice. Thank you for reposting in advance. Organic greetings, ThaiGer ,


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,845

    I usually mix any fertilser with the soil before i fill in so it's well spread about. I can see that having it all at the top might encourage shallow rooting as happens with superficial watering.

  • ThaiGerThaiGer Posts: 165

    hello, above the ground level is all o.k., The optimal root have to look as so:


     But they grow only horizontal (Flat Root). I think, the roots goes to fast to the fertlizer and later, after dayly watering they go into the deep. At the last weeks we have some monsun rain it should divert the nutrients to the ground. two days ago I checked it and the crops are more stable.By the way, my cuttings was only 3 weeks separate from the mother plant, be rooted in this time and now we have to wait two years to the first harvest.Thanks and organic greetings, Thaiger.

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