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Talkback: Growing tomatoes

Is it too early to plant out my tomato plants out in grow bags in sunny position? They are in a cold frame at the moment getting used to the colder conditions (they were taking up too much space on the windowsill!!) they're looking strong but I don't want to let them get too leggy.


  • Having heard and read so much from professionals about the virtues and joys of growing your own, I decided to grow tomatoes this year - 4 pots of them in fact. I have no greenhouse so they stayed outside all summer. I live in the south east. I watered, fed and generally nurtured them like they were my kids. They did well. Then I went on holiday for a week in early Sept and came back to find ALL of them had been affected by blight from so much wet. I have had to destroy all but six tomatoes, and even they are suspect. I am SO upset and disillusioned with home growing after all the work I put in. Can anyone out there give some words of encouragement at this sad time of loss?
  • Is it too soon to sow tomato seeds on the kitchen windowsill? Have tried in the past & they became leggy before it was warm enough to plant them out.
  • Have sown my tomato seeds on a kitchen window and moved the seedlings into a heated greenhouse, they appear to be growing ok and are coping with the lower temperatures of the greenhouse at night.
  • Seem bit late to starting tomatoes from seed. Don't you want get an early start under protection. Such as walls of water in hoop houses. I have 5 plants outside already. But I forget most people did not bother to spray for blight last season and had no tomatoes to speak of. But what can expect from a site that has someone claiming Gardener's Delight is great tasting tomato and beefsteak varieties are not worth the trouble.
  • Grannyanne the reason your plants got leggy is that they do not have a bright enough light source. My tomatoes get planted sundya outside in the soil with specal protection.
  • Hi all. I have germinated some roma tomato seeds in a heated propogater they are very healthy and strong and are now ready to be pricked out and potted on but as yet my green house is not heated. Do I need to heat my greenhouse, and if so to what temperature? I'm not sure just how hardy they are once germinated.
  • I've sown my tomatoes for both the greenhouse and allotment. They have just started to germinate today in a propagator. I have sown them in toilet rolls cut in half and will transfer them to pots (toilet roll and all) and keep in the greenhouse during the day and bring them in at night. My peppers are really doing well by doing this.
  • which is the best sweetest cherry tomatoes grown in bush form please.
  • I sowed some tomato seeds and pepper seeds in a heated propagator to this weekend. Some of the tomato seeds have started to grow. I am new to this gardening thing, we have a greenhouse but not yet bought a heater. Have i sown the seeds too early and what type of heater would anyone recommend for an 8x6 greenhouse, when is the best time to put the plants in the greenhouse. With thanks.
  • I sowed some tomato seeds by a windowsill this week! My dad thinks I'm mental for starting so early, but clearly not! :D
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