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New Yew

JH2JH2 Posts: 2

I have 500 or so Yew trees 60 to 70cm tall in 2-3ltr pots I'd say they we're pot bound loads of roots showing, some have gone a more golden colour (not good).

I want to transplant these trees into 5ltr pots and keep for at least a year before planting into the ground to make a hedge. 

My questions are what soil do I use and should I mix a Horticultural grade lime-free washed course grit in with the soil and maybe a few handfuls and the bottom of the pot to assist in drainage? 


  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    The golden colour is a sign of being pot bound and a good feed seveal time should restore the verdant green colour. As per Verdun, why do you have them in pots?

  • JH2JH2 Posts: 2
    I thought that I could save some ??'s buying them at 60, 70cm then when I'm ready after the building work is complete and I'm landscaping and fencing I will add 1m high Yew to make a decent hedge bout the trees in pots for ??3 each and 100cm would be ??7 or more.. So with a little TLC new pots n soil plus 12months I'll have made ??2000 ish..!..!!.
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