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Talkback: Still planting garlic

Jane, I am the same. I put 2 rows in then got waylaid by the wife, but my garlic are in pots about 4 inches high and in a cold frame. I did the same last year but lost most due to the floods. This year I hope for better results,the cold snap of late - 3 has done no harm, so just carry on planting.


  • Thank you for that I thought I had missed the boat, thanks to you I am going to get them in today. It was -6 in Frome last night.
  • We are all clearly blessed.
  • I have planted garlic both in the Autumn and in Feb and both seemed to have produced decent cloves. In the later case, it was either plant them or throw them away.
  • am I the only one feeling disgustingly smug at having all my garlic in? mind you I did succumb to a change of mind and put some shallots in last week; having just used the first of last year's crop over the winter and discovered how good they are.
  • Hi there, I planted garlic that I had bought from a company in I.O.W back in November, 2007 but they are no further advanced than the ones I sowed in early February. I also have some in pots in the greenhouse which are approx 6" tall.
  • Hiya! I had some left over garlic from sainsburys and thought "oh well, dont bin it, either compost it - too cold to go at, or just shove it the potted up parsley on the windowsil" which i did and true as bob, it came up and its looking good!! BUT, can i transplant it to my allotment...? mmmmmmmmm please help!
  • when can you plant potatoes
  • Hi I am feeling quite pleased with myself Jane, as I did plant my Garlic in October. It is doing really well and I hope that it continues. Last years crop along with the onions and shallots were victims of some kind of airborne disease. This killed the leaves so all had to be lifted before they reached maturity. The onions were small but still edible. I have learned from a fellow plot holder that to avoid such disaster this year we should dip the leaves of onions etc (before planting of course) into a solution of 1part full fat milk to 9 parts water, once in the ground weekly spraying of the same solution should protect the leaf from this disease again. There were several people who had the same problem so fingers crossed we will have more success this season.
  • Having never grown garlic before,i bought two from Tesco! and stuck them in the ground at the end of october,thay have all taken (24).Im looking forward to a crop,or not.One tip i have is that you can never put too much WOOD ash onto onions/garlic,but never coal ash.
  • Can anyone help? I live in cumbria and still haven't got the garlic in-is it really too late?! If not-any ideas on the best variety? Thanks!
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