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I've been advised while I am potting bulbs into pots to stand the pots in a tray with gravel in the bottom. Why would I have to do that?


  • What sort of bulbs are we talking about?

  • Just any they said while you are starting bulbs off you should stand on gravel?

  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Scariff, County Clare, IrelandPosts: 7,629

    Normally when you're advised to stand pots on saucers or trays of gravel it's so you can increase the humidity around the plant - important for many houseplants.  But I doubt that would be the reason here, whatever the bulbs...  Maybe it's for the opposite reason - so the pot doesn't stand in a saucer of water so the compost becomes waterlogged?  Never bothered myself...

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  • I'd be interested to know where the advice came from. I've been racking my brains to think of any bulb that would benefit from such treatment.

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