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New Lawn

Ben12Ben12 Posts: 1

Hello there, I am currently new to the world of gardening so please bear with me if I sounding stupid.

I have moved in to a new property and the garden has been run down. I don't really have the time to maintain a garden however I would like some grass.

All around the edge of the garden are old flowers bed with plastic bags underneath the soil to stop the weeds coming through presumably. I'm wondering if I can put grass seed on the soil with the bags underneath or am I better off removing them?

The rest of the lawn is patchy in places as well so any other advice on how to sow, grow and maintain the lawn would be most helpful

Many thanks 


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Ben there are no stupid questions, you need to know so ask, we old hands are usually pleased to help. If  flower beds old or not they will be reasonable for grass seed or turf. Remove the under lay, remove anything growing then optional, dig or fork it over and then rake to a fine tilth , if the soil is clear then rake it over a few times. Once that is done do the gardeners shuffle, move up and down the plot shuffling your feet together until you have a slightly compacted area. Then very lightly rake again, spread the seed of a general purpose grass as the instructions on the pack, water in and put up some birds scarers stand back and wait, water if we have a dry spell.

    that is the lazy way and even more so if you use turf rolls, do not expect a bowling green, you will get grass. It will need cutting once a week in summer, weeding and feeding, water when and if there is a dry spell.

    A beatiful lawn will take hard work to prepare and set plus more hard wrk to maintain the above will give you grass if that is your need. Never be afraid to ask. Good luck 


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,854

    Welcome Ben.

    As the great Roy Cropper once said on Coronation Street, " to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail"

    I know it's hard work, but I'd do it properly.

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