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bare root peony

KelsbelsKelsbels Posts: 54

Hi all, Ive just purchased a bare root sarah bernhardt from waitrose. My question is should i give it this season in a pot and then transfer to the border or put her straight in the border?

If in a pot, what type of compost would be best? I understand they don't like to be planted too deeply, whats the ideal depth?

Thanks in anticipation.


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Plant in position, they need a sunny spot with some shelter from E or N winds, mine are sheltered by other shrubs though get the sun from ten in the morning until last rays at night. They hate being buried, plant with the soil just covering the top of the root an inch is enough. Mulch around the plant but not on the root, water well for the first couple of weeks, as the plant grows you will need support, loose rings on stakes will support the flowering stems though you may only get a couple of flowers the first couple of years. Peony are for life, one of mine is from a plant I knew as a lad and my Father too, wonderful plants and if you plant various types can get quite a long show. Good luck Frank.

  • i've just planted a bare root tree peony, about 6" deep as thats what it was in the pot, hope it will be ok if not i can move it tomorrow, what do you say please?

  • KelsbelsKelsbels Posts: 54

    Thanks guys, straight in the border it is then! I absolutely love peonies and this will be my first in the garden so am looking forward to watching it grow, I'm sure it will be the first of many!! image

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Daisy we are talking about different things. Tree Peony will be grafted, the grafting bulge would need to be at least six inches under the soil. What that does is to encourage the peony to put out roots from its own wood suckers can grow from below the graft, if it roots in time from above the stock then it can stop suckers. Tree peony's need a sheltered sunny spot as the branches can be brittle and break.

    The advice given to Kels was for bush peony, if his is also a tree then deep planting would be needed. Hope this sorts things out.


  • oh thankyou Frank i've grown peonies before but never the tree ones, i will check to see if its deep enough tomorrow.

    thankyou image

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