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Hi all I'm new to the site but not to gardening  (allotment type) I must confess that if you ever asked  what type of Beans, Potatoes or sprouts I put in last year, I probably would not be able to say.  Even though I have gardened for 40 year I enjoyed it but did not take to seriously and for most part supplied the home with plenty of good fruit and veg.

 My garden is about an 8th acre, it's not actually an allotment but a piece of old Railway land on the end of a row of Railway cottages and I think the soil is made up of old dry toilet waste because it is nearly Black, full of ash (no soil born slugs) and no clay.  A few year ago I started to get more than the usual problems with pests and moulds on  my Brassicas, the worst being a Grey aphid as small as dust on my sprouts that is driving me mad. 

I have tried to combat with sowing and planting borders of a variety of perennial Herbs, garden now full of Bees in the summer.  I have divided the main plot into three 20 x 20 Feet plots with a couple of small plots at opposite ends , I now rotate the Three main plots,  with the use of short scaff tubes and roof lattes covered with debris net  I keep the Butterflies of my Brassicas But can walk in to plant and maintain.  I have Limed this plot and I have a load of Farm manure delivered every year for the others and am now trying to rotate as best I can.

If you are still awake my question is can I replant Brassicas within the Brassica plot in the same season as my family is now three separate families and I require quite a lot to supply them all.  Should I re-lime for a new row Cabbages ect: or should I incorporate manure now that its probably being 6 month since I Limed the plot or just apply growmore.  Also how do I stop the Grey dust aphids from infesting my Sprouts.  All advice appreciated.



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    I don't know the answer, but just wanted  to welcome you Mikedeve

  • mikedevemikedeve Posts: 3

    Thanks a lot, I took early retirement last year so now have more time to give to the garden.  This forum looks to have a wealth of informationimage

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 26,165

    indeed it does mikedeve.

    As I've said before, we all know something, none of us knows everything, but what we know, we're happy to share.

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    Hi mikedeve if u have limed then u got to be careful what u plant in it's place.

    I've planted kale & parsnips in the same place for 4 years,still to be OK but I don't lime.
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    I'm only just starting out mikedeve year 2 of veg, but I have had my head stuck in books to understand crop rotation.

    Brassicas generally won't want fresh lime. If it was limed last year, I would not add more now. Rotation works best if you follow the right things, so Brassicas follow beans and peas best and benefit from the ground being limed for them the season before.

    If you are going to go again, I would add compost now to give some heart to soil and use the growmore. It is a bit late now to manure for brassicas. In theory it can all be done with manure, but I think it takes a few years of using rotation to avoid compromises. For Brassicas really the manure should have gone in double dug a season or so before in the ideal world. (an ideal world that does not exist on my veg plot either yet). image

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    Not on mine either Jemma, I've never Limed before and thought I'd try raising the pH plus it may kill off any soil born pests. I Limed the Brassica plot last back end to over winter.  The thing I'm trying to find out is if I can get away with is if I can replant say Purple sprouting or Spring cabbages in the same brassica plot after other cabbages or cauli's, so that I don't branch out into the next plot and spoil the rotation plan.

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    Brassica need to be moved year on year, we used a four year cycle though club root can last in the soil for years. Prepare the plot in the Autumn with well rotted manure and we always limed 4 ounces of carbonated lime per square yard. Even in the smallest plots it is possible to rotate, keeping a diary is handy.

    The other problem sounds like white fly scale, you can use chemical spray three times a week or try washing it off with a hose. We sowed more than we needed, a row for the birds a row for the beasties and two rows for us, after all they all need to live.



    Hi, this is my first time on this site and am really looking forward to joining in the chat and picking up tips from everyone. I only have a small garden so we have built three raised beds, quite deep, using sleepers.

    As we grow runner beans, onions, garlic, sprouts, courgettes and leeks, we have no choice but to grow some things in same place as previous year although we do try to rotate if we can. However we do have two compost bins containing home made compost and use one to refresh the beds every spring. I have never limed. Everything grows well especially the sprouts.

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    I find beans can be grown in the same place year after year with no build up of disease. However, onions and brassicas I always rotate because of onion rot and clubroot.  If you grow broad beans when you take them out you can give a sprinkle of lime and then plant kale or cabbage in the place of the beans in the same season.

    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
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