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My grandchildren planted some Hazel nuts some years ago and they all survived and grew into little trees.I did not like to dispose of them after such loving care and offered them to my daughters ,also to a young girl who was getting married and who wanted trees to plant in memory of her special day.I planted one myself which is the tree in my garden now ,and planted some into my sons hedge I was making him.This Tree has been more than worth it .Providing entertainment from the Squirrel who borrows  the nuts in my flower border to the birds who nest in it.It also provides me with nuts (when the Jays and squirrel are not borrowing them).I did think of cutting it down but I would lose a good Tree that provides a lot for wildlife and me.image


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,157

    They're lovely trees and if it did get too big for you it could be cut back to start again.

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  • If it got too big you could always copice it and use the canes for weaving new supports in the garden. I have a contorted hazel which is about 10 years old now and produced nuts for the first time this year. The three it produced...I managed to save one as the tree rats got them.

  • You are lucky the squirrel and jays leave you some nuts.

    The only walnuts I see from our tree are the ones that I pull up the next year after the squirrel has randomly planted them around our garden.

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