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Chicken manure....

FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810

I'm getting chickens on my allotment very soon, and am going to have an abundance of lovely compost thanks to their manure. Something I am pretty sure that some of the other plot holders would be quite keen to get some of. 

What is the best ratio for droppings and other compostible materialS?  I don't want the resulting compost to be too rich, if that makes sense. 

*if* I end up with any spare poo,  would it be unreasonable to charge for it? 


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Swaps are always better than monetary charges. Swap for seeds, plants, produce, labour - whatever you need.


    'Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement' - Helen Keller
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