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Daphne perfume princess

Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice, I've bought a few plants from T&M and one of them is a daphn perfume princess, it is supposedly the best smelling plant ever!! Does anyone own one of these and what are they like? I'm going to plant it in a pot that's 50cm x 50 cm. what is the best compost to use?

thanks in advance



  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    Paul, I have Daphne growing in large pots and used about 60% John Innes No3 mixed with 20% ericaceous compost and 20% well rotted farm yard manure (bagged stuff from a garden centre.)  They seem to like it and are doing well but have only been in about a year so only time will tell.

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  • Charlie, Bob 

    thanks for the replies and information. I have half a bag of ericaceous compost so will go and get some john nines No3 and knock a mix up. 


  • I have just bought a Daphne Perfume Princess well two actually, and was wondering if they do well in pots. I've read up on them on different sites and get mixed opinions both on the actual plant and whether to plant in containers.  Some say not good in containers , but  I thought if they are not Hardy then a pot could be moved better. Also difference of opinion regarding soil and aspect on sites visited, so if anyone has any experience of Daphne Perfume Princess I would be very grateful  before I plant out, I hope not to kill them as they where a self indulgent treat to myself,  thanks

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