Low maintenance plants needed


We've just had a new flowerbed installed, with sleepers etc and now we need to fill it with plants. What we would like are some low-maintenance, hardy plants which, due to our complete lack of gardening ability, require the minimum of looking after.

Does anyone have any suggestions for us?
Many thanks



  • wow, now that's a list, thank you!


  • LucyLLucyL InvernessPosts: 163

    For easyness I have gone for bulbs in my 2 layered planter, since they multiply each year i should get more and more flowers only needing to weed now n' again n' dehead dead flowers image

  • Thanks for the list, was very helpful at the garden centre.

    They suggested a mix of compost (miracle gro etc) and topsoil in the bed, does that sound right?

    Thanks again
  • Great, thanks again.
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