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Concrete Planter Mix

Hi All,

I want to make two big concrete planters.

I want to make them myself and have already made a number of garden spheres with old lights.

Does anyone have any experience in casting their own planters and do you recall the concrete mix used?



  • This is the planter I made.

    I created the mould from an old fitted wardrobe I got on eBay for 99p. I threw it together in a few hours and went to work on mixing the concrete.

    I used 5 bags of ballast and 1 bag of cement. This filled the planter. The mix I used was 3 ballast to 1 cement. This made a good strong mix. 

    I created holes in the bottom with a swimming noodle which worked really well and used chicken wire from the pound shop to reinforce it.

    The planter was set in 4 days and the mould taken off. I left it for 2 days before moving it.

    The mould was allowed to dry out in the porch before being used again.




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