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Talkback: Sieving compost

Pippa - where can I buy the sieve that you are using as mine is finer and takes ages to sieve anything? I agree with your comments about the seed compost. I also find large lumps in mine and will try B & Q as someone suggested.


  • I know exactly what you mean about rubbish in the compost. I have even found half a biro in a bag from one of the brand leaders, and the compost was lousy too. My best compost is that sold in Wicks shops, its so good I enjoy running my fingers through it!!
  • I agree with you Pippa, I have used Levingtons Multi-purpoose compost for years and years, but like you I find wood chippings, twigs added in the ingredients. though I must add it does not seem to have an adverse effect on the seedlings.
  • I bought some grow bags this weekend and was shocked to find glass in there. I was crumbling the lumps in my hand and the piece of glass nearly stuck into my finger. Also in the mix was those green garden tie wraps which I didn't mind as much. I have been wearing my gardening gloves ever since while dealing with it.
  • I've just bought a compost with added John Innes after a bad lumpy, woody experience with an own brand make. The new compost is so beautiful, it's softer, easier to sow in and richer to touch, so i've learnt with compost as with most things in life you get what you pay for!!! PS it was buy two bags and get a third free, what a bargain!!
  • John Innes is good, but it contains peat, which is a no no for me. Has anyone tried any of the coir based composts? They're supposed to be great for seedlings.
  • i use j arther bowers, it's lovely.
  • I use clover multi-purpose compost and I have never found any lumps or twigs in it and 3 bags for 10 pounds. I find this very reasonable.
  • Interesting to hear all the comments about brands and quality, and another glass person too. Appalling, but good to hear that some of those own brands are proving good, the sieve was from a local garden centre, try a good centre and you should find them at this time of year.
  • Hi Mick, you can find out more about growing potatoes in a container by watching one of our new video projects. Try planting potatoes in a bin or growing potatoes in a bag. Hope this helps, Kate
  • I had a bonfire with the scraps of wood I found in my last 3 bags of compost from B&Q, with a bit of patience I could have held a barbecue.
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