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Bird feeder video



  • Steephill thanks for sharing the video. He sure was hungry was'nt he. Smashing.image Are they Sunflower chips or hearts in the feeder?

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,636

    I put sunflower hearts into the feeder, any spills rapidly get mopped up by wood pigeons, blackbirds and chaffinches. A couple of weeks ago a pheasant took up residence under the feeder for a few days.

  • ansellansell Posts: 3
    Hi steephill I also fill up feeders with sunflower hearts and get good returns goldies greenfinch blue and great tits had a coal tit visit ,greatspot woodie also this winter had siskin ,redpoll brambling a Jay taking nuts got a robin nesting in one box all good entertainment let's all keep feeding
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