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Weed killer

I'm in the process of digging my whole garden up grass and all... My garden is full of weeds, I just want some recommendations as to what weed killer that's lawn friendly would be good to use... I'm working with a budget so preferably nothing that's going to break the bank... Thanks in advance! Oh and the reason I want lawn friendly is I don't want to reseed the garden and have rubbish grass grow through, maybe I'm wrong in thinking that?


  • No, I've literally dug up the whole garden, it's just dirt with a load of deep rooted weeds... I'll be reseeding the whole garden once the weeds have gone
  • Thanks Edd! Looks like this garden is going to take longer than I thought!!... I've started really late, I hope I can get the grass started, the polytunnel up, the flower/fruit/veg bed sorted in time this year!
  • Great! I'll do my raised bed area first then... Cheers Edd it's appreciated!
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