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Can anyone ID this plant please?

BaroqueBaroque Posts: 2

Hello everyone.

I joined the forum a short while ago and have been reading and learning. This is my first post and it comes with a question please; We moved to this house and garden in far west Cornwall recently and I have inherited a lovely garden. I'm new to gardening and am on a very steep learning curve... and having a ball!

Whilst clearing the very back of a bed this morning I came across this plant hiding between two enormous phormiums, and I don't have the first clue what it is. It is at least 120 cms (4') tall. The bud at the top is about 30 cms (1') from base to tip. The leaves are strap-like and a little succulent (more like agapanthus than phormium to the touch). Does anyone know what it is.? It looks rather exotic to me, but then, anything not a foxglove or a daffodil is still exotic to me at this stage of my new-found passion for gardening.

Thx for looking.







  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,574

    It looks like a yucca gloriosa, also known as spanish dagger. The points on the leaves are vicious


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,860

    I agree with fidgetbones

  • BaroqueBaroque Posts: 2

    Thank you both. I've looked it up and I am certain you are right. The flower spikes of the phormium in that bed were over 20' tall last summer. It's going to look like a haunt for triffids later in the year, when this yucca gets going too! I wish I liked huge plants. 

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