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Need ideas

I really need some ideas for this north facing wet soil part of my garden. I cant turf it as ive no tap to soak it the turf, i dont want to gravel it as the whole back garden is gravelled, i need colour and privacy. Any ideas? Live in Scotland.




  • Sorry from the pic my patio door is on the left, so i have the neigbours from where you can see, the rest that you cant see i will get a hedge for the neighbours, i wont be able to block out upstairs. Basically yes my door is same as neighbours, but this patch i need things in it, i was thinking of getting a honeysuckly climber to put onto that fence you see. Was also thinking of rockery in far corner, im finding it hard as a beginner, ive no idea what type of soil i have? Thank you.


  • Charlie November wrote (see)

    Privacy? Is your home on the left like the neighbours shown? Privacy from what angle? Does it need to block out the view from upstairs windows out of shot to the right or what?

    You can get a list of plants for a spot from crocus, especially if you know your soil type (acidic, chalky, heavy clay, sandy or "haven't a clue" but "soggy" isn't an option):

    "Perennials" i.e. small stuff:

    "Shrubs" i.e. bigger stuff:

    Are these plants for north facing? They are lovely x


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