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Dwarf buddleia

ithese seem to be offered in groups of two or three in some on line sites.  I want to replace a normal sized plant with a dwarf variety.. Question is which colour is best for butterflies and would it be best to plant a group of them, would one just look a bit solitary?

also can anyone recommend a nice scented Christmas box plant.

many thanks




  • And for the love of all thats holy, dead head the flowers when they begin to fade, not when they start to set seed. Your own garden, and those within a half mile will thank you for it.

  • Well thats a blessing! They do tend to crop up in strange places in a city centre.

  • marc weirmarc weir Posts: 124
    I bought my buzz magenta a few years back when they were new on sale. Mine only flowers for one month usually around sept/oct. Dont know why and it bugs me
  • marc weirmarc weir Posts: 124
    The soil is fantastic its had compost and leaf mulch dug into it for years. Would fish blood and bone round the roots make a difference
  • Ok, the buzz varieties seem to have some disadvantages.  Anyone used any other ones?





  • I Will look forward to it, thanks



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