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Pond and surrounding advice please



  • StagbeetleStagbeetle Posts: 174

    Thanks Fishy65 I'll have a look at those. I will order the plants fri, so excited!

    its my birthday today so my boys have bought me wildlife plants for the patch image so will plant them tomorrow.

    off to a wildlife grounds on fri to take photos if my 2yr old lets and will ask if I can take some of their logs and branches.

  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,275

    Happy Birthday!! image 

  • StagbeetleStagbeetle Posts: 174

    Thank you imageimage

  • Stewart 2Stewart 2 Posts: 10

    thank you for the heads up. I learned something new

  • ecokidecokid Posts: 138

    I'd get some yellow iris to go at the back to create a stunning backdrop. Not only is it beautiful, but it will create some height and it's a native!. It does require full sun though.

  • I recently saw a good idea - something to cover the edge of a pond - looked a bit like sacking, but isn't.  One end is buried in the earth at the edge of the pond and the rest hangs over the edge, into the water.  It has pockets in it, into which you can put plants.  It covers unsightly edges and helps amphibians find their way in and out of the water easily.  I'm not sure how long it would last, but it wasn't expensive.  Such a simple idea as well.  Just a thought for you ............

  • FuflunsFufluns Posts: 2

    Hi Stagbeetle, 

    The plant in your second pic looks like Mare's Tail (Hippuris vulgaris) an oxygenating plant and good for wild life. 

    I installed a wildlife pond last year and it is already thriving. I've spotted 7 newts, tadpoles, water boatmen, greater diving beetles, dragonfly and damselfly nymphs, and loads of snails. Some of the plants we included were:

    Yellow Flag Iris, Water Starwort, Elodea Crispa, Hornwort, Water soldier, Water forget-me-not, Water Mint, Barred Horsetail, Mare's tail, Reedmace, Marsh Pennywort, Marsh Marigold, Brooklime, White Water lily.

    None of the plants have proved to be too invasive. Water mint is a great addition, lovely flowers and grows well in shallow areas. 


  • StagbeetleStagbeetle Posts: 174

    Thank you for all your advice image 

    Fufluns- your pond sounds fab!

    I've now got zebra bush, weeping Jenny and a forget me not and an oxygenating plant and fern, I love the zebra bush.

    There is long grass now growing near the pond which I'm going to leave. I did buy lots of plug plants but the slugs and snails ate them all but I don't want to put pellets down. I've planted a fusia to help with the amount of sun the pond gets and will look at getting some Iris's and maybe foxgloves and cowslips.

  • FuflunsFufluns Posts: 2

    If you want to encourage wildlife a little faster I would suggest buying some Daphnia and Blood worms from a garden centre or pet store and adding them to the pond. They will breed and provide a source of food for other creatures as well as helping to maintain the algae levels. 

    I'm a big fan of Foxgloves too but just bear in mind that they are biennial, the plants establish and grow leaves in the first year, then flower and produce seeds in the second, unless you cut back the stem promptly after flower to encourage flowering again the following year. A few foxgloves are perennial, but apparently they aren't reliable. 

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