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i am trying to have my More or less rear gravel garden changed to a tranquil Asian style garden but am having difficulty finding a reliable honest landscaper, who actually turns up for an appointment or tries to charge me £17,000 for it.

I am a disabled Army Veteran with poor mobility,mental health issues and am partially sighted.   My wife and I moved to this house due to my health and as I very rarely venture out into the big bad world wanted to have a asian style garden Designed and built.

The problem is that I can't seem to find a landscaper in the Durham area that will charge me a reasonable and appropriate fee and not try to take advantage of me.

If anyone is aware of someone who fits the bill please get in touch.

thank you for your time



  • steephillsteephill Posts: 1,441

    Asia is a big continent, which part of it are you trying to emulate? How big is your garden? What do you think is a reasonable and appropriate fee? Have you tried to calculate the materials and labour needed to achieve your dream?

    Your personal circumstances are unlikely to have any bearing on the cost estimates you have received unless you can find a firm prepared to offer a services discount. Having work done by professionals is never going to be a cheap option. Look at it from their point of view - they have to make a profit to pay their staff and make a living so they carefully cost up the price of doing the job, add their profit margin and give you a price. That doesn't make them unreliable or dishonest. If you can't find someone to do the job for the price you want to pay then you need to increase your budget. You don't get ought for nought. Sorry if this sounds a bit blunt but I am just trying to be realistic.

    Have you explored help that might be available through organisations like the British Legion? They may have local contacts who can help.



  • Thanks for the reply, I have costed the items myself and for example the very same pergola was quoted by this company for £750 the exact same one purchased from the supplier was £345.00.

    i could go on but all the items quoted were either doubled or trebled in price.  So yes I was being ripped off,yes this company took advantage of my problems.


    The area in Asia was China or Japan, but thanks for your help.

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Using lots of evergreen plants will give the effect - lots of different Bamboo's, hardy Palm trees, Fatsia japonica, Aucuba japonica, Mahonia japonica, Kerria, Skimmia, Phormiums, Miscanthus etc.

    Would you should do is go to - then look up tropical style gardens and the site allows you to create a scrapbok of photos. You can then show that to a reasonable landscaper to create. That will save some time. It will not be cheap as you are buying a lot of plants, hard landscaping, raised beds and man hours etc. 

  • Thanks for your input much appreciated.image

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