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anyone used this brand?

A local Garden Centre is offering 4 x 50 litre bags Molloy's multipurpose  compost (made by Erin) for £10.  Has anyone used this, and is it ok?  As it is made by Erin I assume it contains peat - can anyone confirm this as I want to buy compost and want one with peat in it. Many thanks to anyone who can comment.  Maggie 


  • staffsmagsstaffsmags Posts: 230

    The second image showing Molloy's is the compost I wondered about.  I've read the other posts on another series of letters but none mention this particular compost. Does any have any experience of it?  Maggie

  • Oh Oh, I used that Molloys stuff last year - I really don't like it, in fact it is probably the worst I have ever had.  It is still in my pots from autumn for winter bedding.  It dries really quickly and has strange strands of stuff in it.  It isn't like normal compost.  I won't ever buy it again.  

  • staffsmagsstaffsmags Posts: 230

      One to avoid then. THANK YOU pottering girl.  I won't bother with that offer then.  Maggie

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