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broad bean seelings being eaten

I have grown broad beans from both seeds and small plants successfully for the past two years but the ones I planted to overwinter were eaten. during the last couple of weeks I have planted 1 then 2 more small plants that I bought from a nursery, in every case the are just bitten through at ground level but the tops are left , Any idea what is likely to be eating it and  suggestions that I can use to actually grow a crop successfully please.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 9,734

    If the stems have been bitten through but the leaves are undamaged I would suspect rodents.  Are the roots still there in the ground, or have they gone?

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • I think they were still in the ground. I am surrounded by fields but have tried to make the vegetable area rabbit proof with moderate success but if it is mice or rats any suggestions, I had thought to put a polythene tunnel over it but as this would be open at either end it probably wouldn't help.

  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,283

    Placing holy leaves around/on the seedlings makes a good deterrent against mice.image

  • Thank you I can try that easily as we have a holly tree in the garden.

  • WinniecatWinniecat Posts: 100

    Lasy year my broad bean seeds literally disappeared from the ground so I suspected mice. This year am growing in pots then transplanting but slugs also like them so fingers crossed.

  • Ferret poop deters most mammals but its just finding someone with the cuties we always sprinkle some around our veg patch and we don't even get cats around it.
  • Not sure about being able to find ferret poo but four days with holly leaves surrounding single trial plant is so far being successful. here's hoping.

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