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Hi all, i had to unlurk today and join up to share what i've learned...

Today being beautiful here for a change i decided to repot my dahlias,lupins etc and to my absolute surprise every single dahlia tuber that was planted in coir/compost mix and coir alone was in 100% perfect health and to top it off not a single grub,maggot or vine weevil among them.

Now every year for this past 8/9 i've had miserable luck with potted plants as over winter i leave everything outdoors up against the walls of the house (too poor for a greenhouse) and every spring it's a battle with vine weevils.

Last year being "thrifty" i began using coconut coir from poundland in a mix of 4 handfuls of coir to 2 multi purpose compost,i feed liquid feed once a week so the lack of nutrition in the coir wasn't a problem.It's great for holding water so it gave me a bit of wiggle room during the hot summer days too (always a bonus)

But the best part was slugs and snails didn't like crawling through it so my seedlings and smalls plants had a great year (for the first time ever my lupins are already strong plants) Anyhoo  i thought i should share and hope someone else can benifit image


  • Coir is great stuff for seedlings. The added bonus is that it slow releases nutrients as it breaks down. Wonderful soil improver. This is what I dug in around my holly bushes when I put them in as a rough 3.1 mix with horticultural grit. Slugs and snails really don't like it. Those areas are shell free.
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