Mother's Day gift

I have been given a rose plant in a pot, no name, for Mother's Day. There is a clue on the tag with the words "Rose Ceramic" and all I can see on a search with this description is, of course, ceramic roses and how to make them! 

It is a standard, 20 inches high, with deep pink small flower heads and it might be a Tea Rose. The care instructions say to keep it in a "warm, bright room away from direct sunlight". Usual watering, keeping it moist, and feeding every two weeks. Is that right? Can we have an indoor standard potted rose?

The pot is about 4inches high and 5 inches wide which is placed in a pretty white plant holder. I would love to be able to put it outdoors, but the tag is clear about it being in a warm bright room and no direct sunshine.

I have not seen nor heard of this type of rose before and I have looked on websites for anything like it but had no luck. Can anyone advise me about this please?



  • Well Patsy F, that's another little mystery. I did ask our son where it was bought and he was unsure, saying M&S or Smiths(?) so you see it is not possible to trace the shop.

    I have had a thought that it might have been bought at a garage forecourt!  (I'm not trying to make a rhyme, but...!image)

    I hope when the weather warms up a bit more that I can chance it on the patio in our east facing garden and see how it manages with that.

  • Lena NLena N Posts: 189

    Hi Elizabeth

    I've got a couple of miniature roses that I bought from Homebase - I've tried to paste a pic below. 

    They say on the label that they should be kept indoors but over the summer I put them in the garden and they were fine outside - I brought them inside over winter though to be safe.

    Hope this helps image



  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,120

    Hi Elizabeth, I think the "ceramic" on the label may be referring to the decorative pot your rose was planted in.  Lots of retailers like M&S and the supermarkets sell plants around Mothers Day (roses, orchids etc) in pretty pots or baskets.

     Last year my daughter got me a basket arrangement from Asda with a miniature rose, peace lily, kalachoe, fern and another unknown plant.  Very pretty but short lived houseplant display, only the peace lily survived.  

    I would wait for warmer weather if you want to try it outdoors, but keep it potted on the patio so like Lena you can bring it in over winter.

  • Lena N, lovely roses you have there, and good to know they can be kept with summer outdoors and winter indoors. Tried and tested by you, so my first standard rose, ever, will survive with giving it the care that you have done with yours.

    Kitty 2, thanks for that explanation about the label with "ceramic" mentioned on it! I had not put 2 and 2 together and worked that out for myself.

    We saw loads of Mother's Day potted plants too, in the shops, but not a potted standard rose. I always wander round the plants department when shopping to see what is there.

    I know what you mean about the short lived houseplant displays as we had one years ago that included a peace lily which we still have. I have torn it apart about 5 times to create separate plants, and have given the rest to our local church. I have two of them in the house now, and both need another separation treatment. It does them good!

    Yes, I will do what Lena has done and wait till the weather is warmer and then I'll harden the plant off, making it ready for the summer months.

    Thanks to both, for your help. I'll try and post a photo later...

  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    i was given a lovely rose for wedding anniversary in december, i out it outside in a pot after asking advice here, i pruned it really hard and am hoping it may resurrect by summer ( unfortunately not looking great at the moment... )

  • arneilarneil Posts: 218

    I got a potted rose last year , it went out and bloomed all summer , then I forgot it , looked today and it is covered in new growth ! should I prune it or am I too late ? I had repotted it into a larger pot last summer


  • Hi arneil, your rose should be ok, I would have thought, without pruning it now. See how it grows, as is the thing to do when in any doubt.

    As for my rose I took a picture of it and it looks fine, before it goes outside that is. I tried to post the image here but it did not work. I got a message saying the thing was invalid, and I've no idea why. So, no image for now. Maybe it's because it is late evening right now and the system has gone home! 


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