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Has anybody tried Echo Lawn Care?

I have recently moved house to a house with a medium sized lawn out the back which is in awful condition. I came across a product online on called "3 in 1 Lawn Care" it claims to be highly effective as well as eco friendly, before I buy, I was wondering if anybody else has tried this product and if it is good? They seem to have a small but specialised range of stuff so looks quite promising! Anybody?


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,037

    The link you supplied to the website doesn't appear to work - however this is what I would use on a lawn in April/May

    When the moss and weeds have died off  (they will go black) then give the lawn a good raking to remove the moss, old dry grass (thatch) and weeds (put it in the council garden waste bin) and spike the lawn all over with a form to improve drainage (mind your toes).  Mow once a week with the blade on a medium height - the lawn will soon improve image

    There is a company in the USA which provides a lawn maintenance service with a similar name  - however I'm sure you weren't intending to get free advertising for them image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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    Dovefromnabove: was going to poist a similar question after seeing various 4in 1 products at the garden centre. Do these ortoiducts do all they say? I've read so much about moss probkems, which I have, that it seemed a bit too good to be true to have one product to save the day! Are you promising me that this will work! image

  • My husband and I recently moved into our retirement bungalow which has a common, open area to the rear servicing 16 similar bungalows and which is "taken care of" by a contract "gardener". They don't cut the grass too short because they have to remove all the clippings.

    The  small front garden was similarly abused and upon close inspection it was clearly "infected" by extremely thick moss growth plus every kind of weed.  We killed off the deep rooted dandelions etc. using a systemic weed killer.  several days later, after a fairly close mowing, we applied a 4-in-one proprietary brand of treatment. Probably we overdid it a bit-(advice is "get a spreader"), but it did the trick.  Several hard scarifying sessions followed accompanied by the backbreaking task of aeriation with a garden fork. A purpose built aerator didn't work anything like as well as the fork!

    We removed masses of dead moss and other dead material to the point where we were convinced we had gone too far.  Happy to report, however, that the grass is now returning and looking healthy.  Advice from a local radio garden specialist programme confirms we have gone about things pretty well correctly and we should now wait for the spring and allow the frost, worms and feed to do their work before we go through a similar process which should, we hope, return the "LAWN" to an acceptable level.

    So, to sum up, we used Evergreen 4-in 1 lawn treatment plus a lot of damned hard work and it seems to have worked well.  Fingers crossed!!

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